My New Crush

It’s ten days until Valentine’s day, and the city is bleeding pink.

For the first time in years, I find myself not working in the service industry: Finally, a Valentine’s Day that isn’t all about making sure that every other couple has the perfect evening. However, this is complicated by the fact that for the first time in years, I’m also single.

And while February thirteenth is Galentine’s Day, and February fifteenth is Buy All The Discounted Chocolate You Can Carry Day, February fourteenth is a bouquet-lined minefield for those of us who are single. While I don’t align myself with those raging against the Hallmark Holiday, I also must admit that the last thing I want is to find myself fighting for a seat at a restaurant only to endure some couple sucking face while I try to eat.

So it seems appropriate to arm myself and those other twenty-something singles out there with some Saturday night options that don’t involve being a bitter third wheel, a despairing barfly, or a wallowing shut-in. The following is a list of things that will make you forget about Valentine’s Day altogether and have a blast.

  1. Check out “The Gathering,” an annual music and arts festival hosted by juggalos, and conveniently located right off the L. Nothing will make you feel less romantic and more voyeuristic than ICP’s unique brand of “SeXxplosive live music.” And believe it or not, it’s free. How can you say no?
  2. Okay. This one I’m actually excited about. Head out to The Bell House for their annual Smiths and Morrissey Valentine’s Day celebration, where NYC’s best tribute bands serenade you, surrounded by plush velvet curtains, craft beer taps, and titanic chandeliers. Here’s hoping they play I am Hated for Loving as we all sing along: I still don’t belong to anyone-I am mine.
  3. While the Guggenheim museum boasts free admission every Saturday, don’t forget to stop into their theater to catch a free showing of The Morning Time Disappeared as an afternoon respite. Influenced by Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and set in modern-day China, this film will make you so depressed, you’ll forget you were supposed to be depressed.
  4. And if all else fails, you can always spend the day at Spa Castle’s Aqua Bar (that’s right) in between lavender facials and steam rooms, before taking a quick break from all that relaxing by using one of their rooftop hot tubs.

Think back to your hometown, where (if it’s anything like mine) even as part of a couple, your only Valentine’s options were either dinner and a movie, or a movie then dinner. Oh, NYC. I think I’ve fallen for you. Be mine?

**Originally published on on February 4, 2015**

My New Crush

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